At CSP Healthcare IT, we are always asked a few questions over and over again.   We tried to compile the most common questions in hope that it would benefit you in your quest to be online fast and up-to-date.  I will start with the basic ones then move up to the services.

Basic Questions we get asked about:

“What is SEO and how will it affect local business?”

The term “SEO” is search engine optimization and it consists of a list of topics that can help your online existence.   The simplest start is to setup and or reorganize your website for the purpose of all search engines to make your site relevant for people searching for your products or services.  The local business market, this depends on your business model, business model,  and how much you would like to scale up with your initial SEO to digital marketing bridge.

“How long does it take to Set up a website?” 

Depends on what you are looking for as far as your site.  Is it a sales page?  Is it a services only page?  Do you want people to call, come in, buy online?

“How long does it take to Rank online once we get going?”

Without ad spend it can take 60 to 90 days to grow organically (optimal).  With properly placed ads you can rank faster but you are not growing organically and once the ad stops you will be ranking lower.

Service Questions:

“What is Youtube Marketing?”

Youtube is the number 2 search engine right now (2017).  Youtube marketing consist of shooting video, editing video for your company, and finally putting it on youtube to be optimized and create it as an Ad for your company for pennies on the dollar.  “Why?” Again, second most used “search engine”, videos can be ranked and used for conversions as well they are super cost effective.  Videos will live forever!

“What is social media marketing?” “What is social media content?”

Let’s answer these together.  I have seen this over and over, with companies who created all social media outlets but have not updated them or rarely do.   Local companies and national companies are searching for cheap labor on social media content and management, and cheap doesn’t exist.   Most companies think they can pay some kid to post content for them hope it works without the kid knowing the back-end knowledge of how the social platforms actually work.

“How do we blog for SEO and for our site and how often?”

This question I get often and have taken some of my bigger clients down the road of how to write a blog for SEO and ranking purposes.  Some national clients have to go back and re-write 1 to 2 years worth of content to rank them better and bring their businesses back up without ads.

Why should we consult with you? 

CSP Healthcare IT was developed out of necessity for small businesses and private clinics for the purpose of not getting ripped off.   We have developed a series of ranking styles to make sure you get conversions and can track your ROI.  No company can promise you certain rankings on search engines, they just can’t make those false promises but they do.   The bottom line is there are some”marketing companies” out there that have a sales division to sell you e-marketing.  You have to be able to track the progress and see if the investment is benefitting you and your business.

We are a small business with limited funds, what can you do for us? 

We can do a lot for small business and start-ups, we take each business on a case by case basis as we have to see what you want to do for us to decide how your budget will be best spent.