Google and SEO

Googled If you have used your website or have had one built in the last 6 months you need to be updated on the Google changes. This latest update from August 1st, 2018 has affected more than 40% of online sites for medical and wellness.  This means that your site (in that category) is going […]

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Search Term Traffic?

How to look for products and services that you provide? Digital Landscape changes just about every 6 to 8 months and for sure yearly.  This includes search terms, search queries, search by voice, and other forms of search.  Also included in these changes are the robots that read your websites and “crawl” your content to […]

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SEO plus Ads, Why?

Hi Internet and budding entrepreneurial clinics Dual SEO purpose: SEO and its integration and propagation on your website. Search Engine Optimization is the term used to write content based on your audience.  The SEO process takes time to rank your web site but it will be an organic focus and will help you long term.  […]

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Online Healthcare Marketing Today

What is Online Healthcare Marketing? At CSP Healthcare IT we are educated in both Online Marketing and Healthcare Marketing.  Both are extremely competitive markets and niche markets separately.  Combined we look at a tighter “knot” of industries that have high competition for the same market place.  The right digital marketing team and collaboration with your […]

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