CSP Healthcare IT – About Us

Clinical Solutions Provider

Clinical Solutions Provider was founded out of necessity for our industry.  This was a collective result of businesses tired of getting low Return on Investment (ROI) with online and print ads.  The original CSPHIT was designed for EHR/EMR selection, verification, and training at private practice offices back in 2010.  Since 2010, we have grown into the Online / Digital Advertising market with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Analytics watching to provide you with optimum results.

We only take on a few clients at a time so that we can dedicate maximum efforts for your online presence in your area or nationally.  From eCommerce getting more conversions or more people calling your office we have methods that work!

Most Contract are 3 months (minimum) to 6 months and if needed we can contract for 12 months.  Three months is needed to show the changes and watch your business grow into an effective force online in your niche.

Contact us:  John @ 214 267 9281 or send me a text here as well.

Email: drjohn@csphealthcareit.com

Alt Email: drjohn8280@gmail.com