Google and SEO


If you have used your website or have had one built in the last 6 months you need to be updated on the Google changes.

This latest update from August 1st, 2018 has affected more than 40% of online sites for medical and wellness.  This means that your site (in that category) is going to be crawled and ranked according to many factors to weed out irrelevant content.

What you or your website developer needs to do:

There are no technical fixes or plugins so do not get pushed into that nonsense.  You do not need to rebuild your website.

You do however need to rewrite your content in an SEO friendly manner and if it is local marketing you need to include location-specific terms for content ranking.  This may take some time to rewrite but this will bring back the drop in views and searches that you are trying to rank for.

” short, Google will continue to refine its algorithms in order to make its search results better for their users. Google is telling webmasters that there is nothing a webmaster can do to “fix” their pages to rank better after an update. Instead, try to keep making your website better over time, and Google may recognize those improvements over time, and your rankings may improve.”

Good luck stay informed.


CSP Healthcare IT.