Search Term Traffic?

pexels-photo-297755.jpegHow to look for products and services that you provide?

Digital Landscape changes just about every 6 to 8 months and for sure yearly.  This includes search terms, search queries, search by voice, and other forms of search.  Also included in these changes are the robots that read your websites and “crawl” your content to look for certain attributes.  These attributes are very simple to master but have to be continually updated for search bots to bring your site to the masses.

Step 1

What are people searching for when they try to look for you products or services?

Do you know how or what you are looking for when you list a product or service, you probably do cause you work in the industry but from outside the industry others may look up different terms and have different words they type in to look for similar products and services.

Step 2

Once you find out what the searcher is typing in, then what?

From here you need to build content, on everything.  You will need to become a content generator for your product or service.  you will need to incorporate those terms into your product listings, product meta, product titles, and if it is a service you will have to use multiple terms to improve the search for that service.

Step 3

After I have re-written or created the new search term optimized content then what?

After the hours you spend searching and revising you will simply have to publish the content ad track for results.  Tracking is your friend.  You will want to track the changes to see if those words and search terms are helping you rank higher or show your content on different queries.  For face book you can create pixels, for google you can create tags.

All steps are not inclusive you have to be able to scrap and start over at anytime.  I do not like website designers who build and let it go, but I understand that most website buys are offered a package or SEO and maintenance but it is usually not bought.

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