We Didn’t Go To Business School…


Business School

Business School = University Degreed Professional that does not have the skills to start or run a business right out of the box.  Yes its true!  Don’t get me wrong here, I enjoy people getting an education, but the real difference in lifelong learning.  Companies start and companies fail.

Let us start with why most people start a company.

Starting a Company is totally risky whatever it maybe.  The belief that wealth will come rolling in is possible but you have to learn how to run your business in your niche industry and how to “out compete” to get your services to your potential customers.  Once you have established that, then I get a call and it usually starts off like this: “ I had a company do this for me and they took my money”.  I always tell them yes, it happens, did you do any research on what needs to go into your online business page or how did you get talked into such an offer?  Usually I get no response, maybe its embarrassment that someone took advantage of the business unknown (website).  Sometimes it was a referral from a professional group or association but no research was carried out on the actual professional or service provider.   No matter, I follow up with this, I am here to correct the issues and get you ranking or moving back up to reach potential customers and feed an audience in your niche market.  That is usually a clue for most business owners that I want to make them money not just pay myself and split!

The Basics

Fast forward to talking with a client and after an initial evaluation of the website in existence I will give my feed back and tell them the changes I will be making and why.  This includes structure, analytics, design, basic SEO strategy and of course time line and when results should start to show (roughly).  If another company can’t offer you those basics then keep researching.

Failing is not an option

Why a company may fail is and endless topic but I have a short version for the online world.  The online presence of a company has to be including in startups and existing business and business models.  Think about all the retailers that are closing and why?  Most established companies are losing sales to new companies via online markets.  “The big A”  for example has closed many well known and very established businesses on the fact that the other established companies cannot reach the customer with the knowledge and analytics that the big “A” has.  The rest of the markets are playing catch up but it is not futile.  If everyone was selling ice cream we would all have to figure out where, when, and of course our specialties (niche) to sell more.  Failing is not an option.  With the right work on your website and a tried and true process that is up to date with the latest techniques and services for your business CSP Healthcare IT will give you an advantage than just “hey build it “ and wait process.  Do your homework!

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