SEO plus Ads, Why?

Hi Internet and budding entrepreneurial clinics

Dual SEO purpose:

SEO and its integration and propagation on your website.

Search Engine Optimization is the term used to write content based on your audience.  The SEO process takes time to rank your web site but it will be an organic focus and will help you long term.  While it is not instantaneous, the reach will run farther than expected.  There is a catch with SEO!  It is like dieting, you have to stay on your diet to meet your weight goals, Same with SEO processes.  Google , yahoo and Bing will constantly change the algorithm in which all web sites live and are categorized.  The SEO + Content on your site has to be relevant in a keyword search in order for you to populate as a result in a search.  This means your content need to be as SEO friendly on all your web pages.  Each webpage needs to be run through to check for various components of basic search potential.  SEO changes month to month depending on what goals the client is shooting for.  Why so much change?  Again you need to keep up with trending searches to keep you SEO on your page relevant.  In the past you could set it up once and it would rank for free forever.  Oh but Google found out a way to make money from this and now you have an entire industry and career from SEO and Digital Marketing.

With paid Ads ,from any platform, you are placing your site at the top but you are going to be spending money to stay or remain there.  With Ads (paid SEO, PPC) you will have to do your research and weekly checks on the Ad.  Why weekly?  The ad needs to run for about 5 to 7 days and be evaluated for what we want it to accomplish.  If it is not working it needs to be pulled.  If it is working we need to increase daily amount and see if we need to build similar ads to convert more customers, clients, or get sales.

If you are doing this solo then you will become overwhelmed as I have seen in the past with clients.  As they set up Ads and or tried to find a cheaper alternative , some expensive alternatives,  with no results.  Why no results?  Well most people are trying to run a business and learn Digital marketing basic and SEO on the fly, or they get it from the web hosting company with limited capabilities or even no way to help improve the SEO of the site.

Here is my advice for Local SEO Talent as well as Agencies

  1. Budget is a big concern when it comes to start ups.  My advice is to include a small weekly budget for SEO and Ads.  Ads you will need at least 5- 10 Dollars a day but to manage it is where we find a wide variety of pay scales.  If you find some one cheap they will probably be just that,  If you find someone expensive try to bargain them down or set a limit in hours or weekly payouts.
  2. Ask them questions concerning your site directly. If they do not know how to even look at your site and give it a basic once over, then obviously find someone else!
  3. Ask them or an agency if they have monthly , 6 months, or yearly contracts. Most professionals have this in place and even a few starting new graduates.
  4. If all of your research fails and you are tired of getting the run around or your site is under performing locally or otherwise give me a call! 214-267-9281