Still Struggling to SEO your Website? Case studies for you to decide for yourself!

May 2 2017


This is from a current client this is why it is blocked out, We started with SEO for the first month December to January,  just on web site fixes.  Then we moved into deeper SEO and content builds, and finally Google started indexing the page and call to actions.


Takes about 60 to 90 days to see the results and now the client and staff are going crazy as the phone won’t stop ringing and emails or messages from social media.  This is how we operate!


I was leery with investing as we are a small company with a tight budget.  We took the chance and contract CSP Healthcare IT out for SEO services and will likely continue with Digital marketing strategies as we move forward.” GCC. 2017.


Most Consultations take between 1- 4 hours.  Then WE get to work if you are ready!

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