Case Study – blog post(s)

CSP HealthCare IT evolution.  At CSP we had begun with consultation on EMR/EHR for private practice consultant only.  As we learned through the years there was more to be done than just this portion on the “online side” of the medical/ healthcare business.  After a great deal of time with vendor selection and training / installation and of course consulting for the doctors, we realized that we needed to add more services.  We started with web-page services and as the algorithms changed  throughout the years we adjusted accordingly.  Although by 2012 then 2013 all US based private practices needed to be EHR compliant with all standards met, the businesses themselves had not been set up for success.  This was our obvious niche.  We are not a huge company with thousands of employees but we are big enough and have the online knowledge to rank and move your website to the top (SEO and SEM).  After this we focus on content marketing and social media marketing to bring your business to the forefront!  We con not guarantee you to rank as no company can, yet we know our system works currently with Google, Yahoo, and Bing platforms respectively.  Want more?  Contact us.