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 At CSPHIT we focus on Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your online business needs.  We strive to Over Deliver and want YOU to be satisfied with our services.

We collectively have been in SEO and Digital Marketing spaces for quite some time.  We have worked in eCommerce space, Online Education, Small Business (many industries), healthcare marketing just name a few.  With this broad insight into plenty of niche markets we can find a solution to bring you leads or sell products and services.  The process can take anywhere from 90 days to 180 days to set up and start seeing results.  After 180 days we focus on optimization and training for your in house needs.



CSP Healthcare IT is based in North Dallas but we are not limited to this DFW-metroplex. CSP Digital Marketing and SEO services provide proven tactics and up to date white hat solutions for your website and continued business growth.  We tend to only take on a few clients at a time inorder to give full attention to each clients throughout the week (max of 10 clients / month).

A breakdown in services is below the contact form Feel Free to contact us with any questions.  If we don’t answer right away please leave a message.

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DO IT FOR ME SERVICES  –   Advanced SEO Managment +
Digital Marketing || Starting at 2020.00/Month

Here is a quick breakdown of services:

Starting at just $2020.00/month, I will  manage your existing Website SEO and Campaigns:https://wordpress.com/page/csphealthcareit.com/289
– Search Engine Optimization ( working toward ranking your site higher, using the latest best practices)

https://wordpress.com/page/csphealthcareit.com/289-Manage all Social Profiles (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…) We can automate this process for $350 a month that is a cost of $87.50 a week!  Why?  Time and money saver for you to build on other services. Are automated process will post to your chosen platforms for 6 days with SEO friendly content and pictures.  Just think how much time you could save or money you do not have to spend on someone researching topics and posting for you.  The platform is proprietary and can be tweaked at any time to adjust content and also show custom ads.  Most people choose to post on Facebook, Twitter, While Instagram is becoming more popular. Pinterest, Linked In and others are available as well.

– Pay Per Click (I’ve managed enterprise-level Adwords and Facebook ads accounts, I canseo1 definitely position ads for better placement and re-marketing!). SEO and PPC (basically buying SEO) is becoming more important in the rankings of search engines. Google Ad Words is still the leader and we can help you create a dual organic + paid SEO strategy that works. We manage campaigns, research keywords, build ads, target the right audiences, re-market to prospects and create content pages that convert.  Facebook Ads is the right there behind Google Ads and is currently 2nd and cost is less as well.

– Content Generation (100% Original and SEO friendly)

– Emhttps://wordpress.com/page/csphealthcareit.com/289ail Marketing (Using best practices for email marketing to improve your deliver-ability)  MailChimp and Constant Contact mainly, if you have other platforms let me know.  we have some experience with Drip and Hubspot also Sprout Social and Social Report to run email marketing plan for your business funnels.





– Analytics (Always need to have a set of eyes analyzing your traffic data? Googlehttps://wordpress.com/page/csphealthcareit.com/289 Analytics, Search Console, for the purpose of collections and decision making on projected traffic and targets. I am Google Certified in Analytics and Adwords!


– Reputation management

Google has recently changed and the current space your website resides in may change until the Google Bots see otherwise.  In order to keep you moving up organically, you need to work on your local directories and recommendations.  (Working to get your reputation improved on Google, BBB, Facebook, Yelp, and elsewhere!)

Thank You in advance for contacting us. We will not sell or rent your information, ever!




Just looking for Facebook Ads management and creation?  We can do this as well.  we charge 1250.00 per month to set up and manage your Facebook Ads as well as test  for maximum results.  As you know these platforms update regularly so keeping up with trends and changes will give you the advantage of not just set and go approach from other advertisers.  This does not include your Ads budget.  If you are just starting off with Facebook Ads the trend is 5.00 dollars a day for entry level ads and ads testing.  Just remember you will have to scale and descale ads and this takes time and strategy for your industry and niche.



IT Training and Consulting provided upon request.  We have taught multiple training courses and can create curriculum for your needed services as well. We have worked with Workforce development courses, and technical training programs for our local Non-Profits, ISD, and Community Colleges in the DFW area for more than 10 years!

Example classes in the past we have managed and facilitated are:  Health Care EMR/EHR basics, Basic Medical Terminology,  Basic ICD 10 for coding and billing, HIT Pro exam prep, Pharmacy Technician review for PTCB, Introduction to Pathology and Disease, Job skills training, Medication Aide, and more.

Non – Healthcare Related or “IT” skills:

  • MS Excel (2007 to 2016)

  • MS Office 365

  • MS PowerPoint (2007 to 2013)

  • MS Windows  (95 to Windows 10)

  • MS Word  (2007 to 2016)

  • Computer Basics (intro to advanced)

  • English as a Second Language

  • Spanish as a Second Language

ESL we have a normal charge of 35 Dollars per hour per person and hold these in local libraries and or local community college classrooms when available.